A definition of charisma

Examples of sustain in a Sentence Verb Hope sustained us during that difficult time. The roof, unable to sustain the weight of all the snow, collapsed.

A definition of charisma

A definition of charisma

Mental Inducement Techniques Confession Inducement: Implore others nesting bile and secrecy holstered beneath their false appeal to come clean, and even act on their most selfish impulses. Inhibition Release Compel people to admit to and act upon repressed mandates to slake their personal selfish desires.

Variations Hypnosis The psychic ability to put one into a trance-like state of extreme suggestibility. Autohypnosis, also called Autohypnotism, Autosuggestion, Hypnotic Self-Control or Hypnotic Autosuggestion is the psychic ability to place oneself under hypnotic control.

Hypnotic Breasts also called Bust Hypnosis is the ability to emit a powerful hypnotic trance upon visual contact with the users breasts, while under the trance subjects are under the user's control over any suggestions the user desire this effect may take a few minutes to work or can happen instantly depending on the subject.

Hypnotic Call, also called Hypnotic Lure is the ability to draw subjects to the user without the use of music or otherwise lyrical undertones.

Hypnotic Charmalso called Charisma or Animal Magnetism is the ability to hypnotically cause subjects to like the user, trust, respect and become doting sycophants that will do anything to please them. The most common object to use is a pendulum with a jewel or gem on it though other media can be used, even a pinwheel or the like.

This can be channeled through any instrument one plays if one uses the voice, it is instead Hypnotic Songas long as the music is played accurately.

Hypnotic Song is the ability to emit a beautiful song that entrances people and subliminally compels them to either follow any predetermined orders given by the user in the song, or to try to reach the source of the song, no matter what dangerous obstacles are in the way of the path it may even just mesmerize a subject or make them want to dance.

Hypnotic Stare or Hypnotic Gaze is the ability to place subjects into a hypnotic trance by looking them in the eyes. Hypnotic Touch or Tactile Hypnosis is the ability to place subjects into a hypnotic trance by touching them.

Hypnotic Voice is the ability to speak with a calm and soothing voice which places subjects into a state of extreme suggestibility.charisma meaning: 1. a special power that some people have naturally that makes them able to influence other people and attract their attention and admiration: 2.

the ability to attract the attention and admiration of others, and to be seen as a leader. Learn more. May 27,  · The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers.

Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. Did You Know? The Greek word charisma means "favor" or "gift." In English, it has been used in Christian contexts since about to refer to a gift or power bestowed upon an individual by the Holy Spirit for the good of the Church.

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A demagogue / ˈ d ɛ m ə ɡ ɒ ɡ / (from Greek δημαγωγός, a popular leader, a leader of a mob, from δῆμος, people, populace, the commons + ἀγωγός leading, leader) or rabble-rouser is a leader in a democracy who gains popularity by exploiting prejudice and ignorance among the common people, whipping up the passions of the crowd and shutting down reasoned deliberation.

Definition of charisma. 1: a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (such as a political leader) His success was largely due to his charisma.

2: a special magnetic charm or appeal. The Laws of Charisma: How to Captivate, Inspire, and Influence for Maximum Success [Kurt Mortensen] on regardbouddhiste.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Some people have the ability to enter a room and draw instant attention, effortlessly exuding charm, radiating energy and a commanding presence.

That enviable quality is called charisma and those who have it are better able to influence .

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