An introduction to the origins and history of scarlet fever

Scarlet fever,caused by a form of streptococcus. The fever was given this name because of the yellowish red hue given to the cheeks of the face. The disease is more common in younger children and can spread from the cheeks to the entire body.

An introduction to the origins and history of scarlet fever

The graves of Evy and George Doswell, ages 2 and 5, who died within five days of each other in November Th The hysteria that attends epidemics is nothing new.

Over the decades, Fredericksburgers regularly faced down incoming waves of illness, though not without drama and excitement. While the town dodged death in the s and s, it did not in late and earlywhen an epidemic of scarlet fever ravaged Fredericksburg.

In Richmond, James Longstreet and his wife Maria Louisa lost three children to scarlet fever in Januaryat the same time the sickness was raging in Fredericksburg. The Hudsons would be the first to suffer, and they would suffer more than any household in Fredericksburg.

In November Emma, 5, and son Auburn, 3, died 13 days apart, leaving the family with just one of their four children. Through October and into November the sickness quickened its pace, spreading its deadly tendrils across town.


The scarlet fever is an epidemic here now, and many children are dying every day from it. I shall be so thankful if my little wee lamb is spared. Temple Doswell and his wife Evelina lost five-year-old George on November Just nine days later disaster again visited their house at the corner of Princess Anne and Lewis Streets when two-year-old Evy Doswell succumbed.

The record of funerals at St. The home of Samuel S. Howison and his wife Nannie at the corner of Charles and Amelia. Here on October 1,their nine-year-old daughter Nellie died--one of the earlier victims. Two or three have died in each of several families.

On Christmas Eve both their girls, Mary, 8, and Catherine, 7, died. The pace of death and sorrow waned after the new year, The last known death related to the epidemic came in February, when Thomas R.

Still, even as the illness faded, the fear lingered. She is very nervous and excitable, and is un-childlike in her distress when she hears of the death of any friend; she talks about HER getting sick and dying, and she tells me that she cannot help thinking about it all the time.

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Names like Howison, Young, Broaddus, and Doggett likewise appear among the known victims. We know that the death records maintained by the town were incomplete—entirely dependent on the death being reported by a family member or friend.

We know too of many deaths that do not appear in the record.


Here is a list of known and presumed victims, gleaned from the death register, compiled by Robert Hodge, and additional sources, including cemetery records and the record of burials from St. Bear in mind that the records consistently misdate deaths that we know took place in as The fever raged here from September to February Known and presumed victims Scarlet fever is a disease which can occur as a result of a group A streptococcus (group A strep) infection.

The signs and symptoms include a sore throat, fever, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, and a characteristic rash. The rash is red and feels like sandpaper and the tongue may be red and bumpy.

Oct 15,  · The scarlet fever epidemic–the worst human disaster in Fredericksburg’s history (excepting battles, of course) 15 Friday Oct Posted by Historian in Civilians in the Civil War, Women in history.

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scarlet-fever See Article History Alternative Title: Scarlet fever can affect people of all ages, but it is most often seen in children.

Other causes are scarlet fever, varicella, influenza etc.A detailed history can be helpful in identifying the cause of fever and the rash. A history of recent travel, animal exposure, drug ingestion or contact with ill persons should be noted. An Introduction to the Origins and History of Scarlet Fever.

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An introduction to the origins and history of scarlet fever

Scarlet fever pandemics of this and other eras also had a profound effect on history, in addition to providing a plot device for a beloved children's story. Charles Darwin lost two of his children.

Scarlet fever | pathology |