Applications of lanthanides for medicine

Nonmetals - Real-life applications Boron The first "orphan" nonmetal, by atomic number, is boron, named after the Arabic word buraq or the Persian burah. It is thus unusual in being one of the only elements whose name is not based on a word from a European language, or—for the later elements—the name of a person or place.

Applications of lanthanides for medicine

Applications of lanthanides for medicine

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Actinide Decorporation Program

Before the widespread application of technetiumm in nuclear medicine, the radioactive isotope thallium, with a half-life of 73 hours, was the main substance for nuclear cardiography. The nuclide is still used for stress tests for risk stratification in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD).

Radioactive metal that is used mainly in specialized batteries and luminescent coatings for watches, and as a source of X-rays in medicine.

neodymium One of the most reactant of rare metals; it is used mainly to manufacture lasers, eyeglasses and permanent-magnet alloys.

Biological and Clinical Aspects of Lanthanide Coordination Compounds

New and Hybrid Materials Consisting of Transition Metals and Lanthanides for Optical and Electronic Applications" by the principal researcher Dr. SQU Marks its Annual day Rare earth elements (REEs) also known as lanthanides are a group of 15 metals with similar properties which are used for a broad spectrum of applications in industry agriculture and medicine. is a platform for academics to share research papers. They are the lanthanides - and we're taking a look at the element that gave its name to the whole group, lanthanum.

For most of us, giving the name to that group is about all lanthanum is known for - so it comes as quite a surprise to discover just how many ways it is used - we'll find it everywhere from cameras to swimming pools.

Optical Spectroscopy of Lanthanides: Magnetic and Hyperfine Interactions - CRC Press Book