Communication research and advertising

The role of traditional influencers, new influencers and low-influencers Itai Himelboim Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Academy ofAdvertising. The diffusion of social networks platforms opened the door to a new age of peer to peer distributed advertising content widely referred to as viral advertising.

Communication research and advertising

Marketing is an important function for a new small business. Entrepreneurs and business owners must inform consumers about the goods or services they are offering.

Businesses develop marketing strategies to deliver specific messages to consumers in the economic marketplace. Function Businesses often follow a few basic steps when creating marketing communication. These steps include creating a message, selecting a communication channel, sending the message and responding to feedback.

Marketing strategies can also include an analysis of the economic marketplace to determine the strength of consumer demand and the supply of products by competing companies.

This analysis helps businesses understand how to differentiate their communication or marketing messages from other advertisements. Types of Channels Business communication in marketing is usually delivered using a specific communication channel.

Marketing communication channels include television commercials, radio advertisements, print media ads and other traditional marketing channels. Information technology has increased the number of marketing channels. These channels include websites, email, chatting, texting and social media networks.

Information technology marketing channels increase the target markets or demographic groups companies can reach with business communication messages.

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Strategy Marketing communication strategies are divided in two basic groups: Businesses use a direct communication style by comparing their products to a leading competitor or the industry standard. This style allows businesses to promote the benefits of their products and why consumers will receive satisfaction when purchasing them.

An indirect communication method may be perceived by consumers as less adversarial than the direct method.

Communication research and advertising

Considerations Businesses should carefully consider the receiving audience of business communication and marketing. Using a blanket communication channel or communication style may create cultural or societal confusion. Demographic groups usually respond to marketing communications in different ways.

Tailoring business communication in marketing can help companies avoid these negative situations. Hiring an Agency Using a professional marketing agency can help companies develop effective business communication in marketing.

These agencies usually have copious amounts of resources regarding economic markets, consumer demand and behavior and other information pertinent to creating marketing strategies. Small business owners may also develop a professional relationship with independent marketing representatives who can provide key insight on business communication and marketing strategies using several different communication channels.Pre-testing, also known as copy testing is a form of customised research that predicts in-market performance of an ad, before it airs, by analysing audience levels of attention, brand linkage, motivation, entertainment, and communication, as well as breaking down .

Market research plays a major role in increasing the effectiveness of the marketing communications strategy of a company. In this chapter we examined the importance of research in marketing communications and how it is used to improve the effectiveness of each element in the marketing communications mix.

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Communication research and advertising

Communication. With a marketing strategy in place, you need to choose a communication program to meet your objectives. Advertising agencies are your first choice if you want to communicate with. Begin your research on communications, mass media, and related fields using the best indexes, databases, and reference works selected by the subject librarian.

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