Comparison of the characters in a

Nora goes against the grain of middle class society by first forging her father's signature and then deceiving her husband, Torvald, throughout their marriage; Antigone, on the other hand, openly challenges and defies the rule of men, including her uncle and King of Thebes, Creon. Although Nora and Antigone share some comparable personality traits, like being strong willed and motivated, they confront the men in their lives and their comparable societies in two distinctive ways, which, as a result, leads to two differing denouements. Nearly every society, Nora and Antigone's are no exception, dictates a specific place or purpose for women, and while Nora and Antigone's respective societies possess some similarities regarding women's place and purpose, they contain several important differences. In Antigone, for example, the relative worth and status of women in Thebian society seems clear; women are to submit to the rule of man.

Comparison of the characters in a

The conflict exists within the novel in several forms; law and order vs.

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Golding uses these themes consistently throughout the novel, clearly associating instinctive savagery with evil and the instinct of civilisation with good. The representation of this lies in Ralph and Jack, the two central characters in the novel; Ralph is the protagonist representing order and civilisation while Jack is the antagonist, who represents savagery and a desire for power.

Lord of the Flies is an allegorical novel with Golding conveying his ideas symbolically through these characters. The novel follows the behaviour of the two evacuee English schoolboys along with several others during a fictitious war, after a plane journey relocating them went badly wrong and they found themselves abandoned on an uninhabited island, with no adults.

Once they realise a rescue is not imminent, they relish in the lack of rules from a higher power; this leads to clear divisions forming inside the group, namely between those that follow Ralph's mentality towards democracy and those that follow the mentality of Jack and his Comparison of the characters in a of order and the rules.

Comparison of the characters in a

It is this group that gradually descend into murderous savages. It is with this that Golding implies that savagery and violence is more primal and natural to human beings and that the instinct of civilisation that Ralph shows is something that occurs mainly when enforced upon a person. Generally, when we are left to our own devices, the situation the boys find themselves in on the island, we will naturally regress to cruelty and violence like Jack.

Chapter Two, "Fire on the mountain" introduces Ralph as a figure of authority; " We can't have everybody talking at once.

By linking his rules to an establishment like school, he tries to regain some form of civilisation.

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This clearly shows a difference in the way the two boys think and so, act. In Chapter Four, painted faces and long hair, the two separate divisions within the boys is again, made apparent.

Comparison of the characters in a

Jack and his fellow 'hunters' get more involved in their efforts to kill. They paint their faces with camouflage and wear masks.

This seems to compel them to hunt. This in turn leads to a increase in violent behaviour and the succumbing to primal impulses; without civilisation to stop him, Jack becomes more barbaric. Further contrasts and rivalry in the two characters can be seen later in the chapter; Jack and his hunters abandon the fire in favour of hunting, because of this perhaps selfish action, the smoke signal is lost at the vital time a ship is seen on the horizon.

The hunters return triumphant in their success and Jack shows little remorse over the loss of the signal fire. Instead he is proud and joyous of his actions "crowded with memories The contrast in opinions between the two characters can again be seen when Ralph, in the midst of the hunters joy, attempts to address the lingering issues within the group and to re-instate a sense of justice and civilisation.

As the conch is probably the central symbol of the civilised world, Ralph's action of blowing upon it in an attempt to restore order shows us that unlike Jack, he is intent on grasping on to civilisation along with the peace and order in all of their lives previously.

Golding explains the two individual sides; "There was the brilliant world of hunting, tactics, fierce exhilaration, skill, and there was the world of longing and baffled common sense. He had hoped that he would address all the points orderly and regain control of the group.

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In reality, Golding suspects the beast comes from within the boys, indeed this may later extend outwards in a physical way like violence but to begin with the beast is not a person or an object to be feared but something within them all. In reality he had simply mistaken Simon, the pure and Christ-like figure of the group for something else.

Jack's typical reaction to news of the beast is to, with his hunters track it down and kill it. This again shows his mentalityHow to write a convincing character with a opinion that differs from the author's?

How to defuse or prevent an adult temper tantrum Exactly when did Captain Picard . These stories stand almost side-by-side in a contrast of character, much like the Pharisee and the Publican in their prayers (Luke ). In fact, it is this story that introduces the Rich Young Ruler, followed by the story of Zacchaeus.

Compare and Contrast Two or More Characters in a Story {Freebies Included} This looks great! I love using Verdi for character comparison. I also like to have students compare and contrast Verdi from the beginning of the book to the end.

Reply. Young Teacher Love Blog says. In the start we see that the two children of Mr and Mrs Birling(Sheila and Eric), support their parents in the beginning. Their character was exactly mirrored their parents view.

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Input text, with each input specified as a character vector, a character array, a cell array of character vectors, or a string array. The order of the inputs does not affect the comparison results.

If both s1 and s2 are string arrays or cell arrays of character vectors, then s1 and s2 must be the same size, unless one of them is scalar.

This Comparison of Two Characters Using Venn Diagram Lesson Plan is suitable for 5th Grade. Fifth graders compare characters of stories using venn diagrams. The use of technology is integrated into the lesson to meet a standard and engage learners.

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