How does the concentration of the

How are memories saved? Where does the recording take place and how? Currently the most widely accepted theory is long-term potentiation LTP —the lasting communication established between two neurons when they are stimulated simultaneously. As a person processes an event, two neurons pass information through a small space called a synapse.

How does the concentration of the

The orange juice and coffee that help us start our day are acidic, and the gastric juices they mix with in our stomach are also naturally acidic.

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Many of our household cleaning liquids, like the detergent solution in our washing machines and the bleach we add to whiten our clothes, are basic. Now that you know about reversible reactions and how solutions are described in terms of molarity, you will be able to understand the origin of the pH scale for describing acids and what the pH value says about an acidic or basic solution.

An Arrhenius base is a substance that generates hydroxide ions, OH- in water. The higher the concentration of OH- in a solution, the more basic the solution is.

As one increases, the other must decrease to keep the product of the concentrations equal to 1. Note that the [OH-] is not zero, even in a dilute acid solution. If a base, such as sodium hydroxide, is added to water, the concentration of hydroxide goes up, and the concentration of hydronium ion goes down.

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The next example illustrates this relationship.Does Sugar Concentration Determine Hay Preference by Horses? Kathryn Watts, Rocky Mtn.

How does the concentration of the

Research & Consulting, Inc. Horse owners often suggest that horses select the highest sugar hays as their favorite. The concentration of the enzyme is important in chemical reaction as it is needed to react with the substrate.

Often a small amount of enzyme can consume a large amount of substrate. But as enzyme concentration increases so is the availability of active sites . Videos and illustrations from Chapter 5, Lesson 3 of the Middle School Chemistry Unit produced by the American Chemical Society.

The intensity of the color, again, is determined by the concentration, and the colour is determined by the relative amounts of various coloured species. Since the equilibrium constant determines the relative amounts of the reactants and products, its values will affect the color of the solution.

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Diffusion is random movement of molecules but has a net direction toward regions of lower concentration in order to reach an equillibrium. Simple passive diffusion occurs when small molecules pass through the lipid bilayer of a cell membrane.

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