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Jason project

Installing RedCloth 4

Previously some users have been able to recover from this corruption by downgrading to earlier firmware versions and then performing a memory reset and re-upgrading again. This may or may not work for more recent firmware versions, reports of success vary from user to user, and I suspect it may have something to do with pre-existing conditions within the flash memory.

Described here is a method of restoring the corruption, Jason project is both more reliable and quicker than the previous downgrade-reset-upgrade method of recovery. As always, use these tools and information with caution, as serious damage can result from careless use.

Download links are given above. Turn off the corrupted GD, connect programming cable to the radio and to the PC.


Do not turn on the Jason project yet. The radio will appear to power up normally. Read the entire flash. Click the Read button, and wait about minutes for the read to complete. Export the read data to a file using the Save File button.

Call the file something like corruptGD Launch HxD or your favourite hex editor. Open the file you just saved from Flash Manager. Now search for other copies of RF alignment data that should be hiding in other locations of the dump of flash memory. We are relying on the fact that some RF alignment data never changes from radio to radio.

If you do find this, then you have very likely found a valid and uncorrupted copy of your radios RF alignment data. A common address to find such data is typically to DF hex Step So if you do find valid alignment data starting at addresscopy the data from address to DF, and paste that data into address beginning at 8F You can highlight, copy and paste in HxD which is very handy.

Scroll down to, or use the Ctrl-G feature to jump directly to address 8F and confirm that valid RF alignment data is present.

If it does not appear there, something has not gone quite right and you should go back to step 7 above and try again.


Turn off your GD and power it back on with the special power up sequence again, same as step 3. Now it is time to write the valid RF alignment data back to the radio.

Click Write and wait about 25 seconds for the write to complete. Turn off your GD, remove the programming cable, and power on normally, and test.

Your GD should be working nominally now. It is not recommended to use the typical values in the table above to reconstruct a new RF alignment data block from scratch unless used as a last resort. It is always best to find copies of the RF alignment data that is specific and unique to your radio.

The typical values are given as a guide only and give some context to potential adjustments you may wish to make. Other useful links for the GDHi my name is Alex but you can call me Jason yes I do make animation and sometimes make gaming videos so yeah WELCOME TO MY .

Jason project

Contact information: [email protected]@regardbouddhiste.com To the best of our knowledge, the JASON V expedition to Belize was the first expedition from a remote location presented live on the Internet for anyone to participate in just as it happened.

JASON PROJECT Broadcast Plan. Client: British Land. Location: 2 Kingdom Street, London. Year: Jason Bruges Studio were commissioned by British Land to create a media/light artwork that would enhance the quality of 2 Kingdom Street lobby and improve the visitor experience.

Radioddity, GD77, GD, tune, tuning, alignment, mods, modification. HEC MONTREAL. Friday, 21 Sept.

Jason project

saw a cocktail party in the third-floor lobby of the Decelles building of HEC Montréal, which is arguably Canada’s leading business school with over a hundred years of history and three international accreditations.

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