Nice photoshop editing services

Film-inspired presets for Lightroom and Capture One. All presets are developed by digital imaging professional using proprietary techniques to achieve the best possible results.

Nice photoshop editing services

Tutorials 32 In this Photoshop tutorial, we will turn a photo into a cartoon. Some tips to achieve success with your own photos: The image below is what we will be creating.

nice photoshop editing services

Step 1 Grab the picture below, this is the image we will use for this tutorial. Note that if your photo is different in size, you may have to play with the settings a little to get a similar result. This is how it looks now: Now enter those settings for Torn Edges. Note that here again, depending on the size of your image, you may have to play with the settings to get a satisfactory result.

40 Amazing Before and After Photo Retouching Photos

This is how it should look like now. Paint over any black dots or lines that are not attached to anything.

nice photoshop editing services

You can also smooth out some lines if you want. This is how it looks like now. This is how it looks now with the smoother lines.

Then right below, create a New Layer and fill it with the color White. This is how it looks when working with channels. And this is how it looks on the Layer palette.

Cartoon Yourself The Easy Way In Photoshop

Note that you can simply use the Eraser if you want here, the benefit of using a Layer Mask is to work in a non-destructive way so we can modify things later without issues. This is how it looks now. First layer, you can use this color e7c5b3 to color the skin. Second layer, color the shirt.

Third layer, use white to color the eyes. Then use a smaller brush and trace some highlights and shadows on both side of his nose. This is how it looks.

Since we want to add color to the background, we will have to erase anything that spill outside of the face.

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Automatically, you will see on the Layer mask that inside the selection, the boy, is white and the background is black.

Black on a layer mask hides whatever is there, which is what we want. The click somewhere on the lower left side, drag it up and release the mouse button somewhere in the upper right side of the image.

Now right above the background, we can create a New Layer and add a White outline all around the boy like you see blow. Make sure you are on the New Layer you just created and fill the selection with white.

Then you can add some black borders, a texture to the background and some text. If you do all of this, it will probably look like this.With an impressive 2 million+ combinations of Free effects, filters and overlays to get creative, PIXLR turns every mobile device into a complete mobile photo editing tool that works best for simple tweaks right up to the more creative edits.

Top New Benefits Of Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 NEW Turn frowns upside down โ€” Transform frowns into smiles, adjust squinting eyes, and make other quick tweaks so everyone in your photos looks their best.

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