Organization and pluralist attitude

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Organization and pluralist attitude

Integration and coordination An organization is a continuing system, able to distinguish and integrate human activities. The organization utilizes, transforms and joins together a set of human, material and other resources for problem-solving Bakke, The main function of an organization is to satisfy specific human needs in interaction with other sub-systems of human activities and resources in the given environment.

In a research organization, individual needs of researchers are more often in conflict with organizational needs than in any other organization. Therefore, growth of the organization should concurrently also promote growth of the individual.

Characteristics of the research organization Social organizations are characterized by their complexity, degree of inter-dependence between sub-systems, openness, balance, and multiplicity of purposes, functions and objectives Huse and Bowditch, The prevalence of these sub-systems makes the organization complex.

They have to function in harmony with environmental requirements, goals and functions. This may cause conflicts in the organization unless the sub-systems are appropriately balanced. Forces such as researchers, managerial hierarchy and various inputs from within and outside the organization have to be balanced for the smooth functioning of the organization.

In the research organization, a researcher can be viewed as a sub-system with specific needs, goals and functioning, although those needs, goals and functioning may sometimes not match those of the organization. Goal setting In an organization, goal setting is one of the control systems, a component of the appraisal process and an effective tool for human resource management Locke, ; Sherwin, The concept of goal setting is now used to increase the performance of the organization as well as the individual through management by objectives.

Drucker suggested that management by objectives can be useful for managers for effectively managing the future direction of the organization.

Organization and pluralist attitude

Importance of goal setting Well specified and clear goals improve performance in an organization by: Goals are an objective way of assessing performance in the organization.

There is a definite linkage between goal setting and performance. The process of goal setting Peter Drucker suggested thirty years ago that a systematic approach to goal setting and appraising by results leads to improved organizational performance and employee satisfaction.

This concept of goal setting is now widely used in most organizations. The process of goal setting or management by objectives as it is often called involves several steps Luthans, Goal setting is based on a top-down approach, and involves: For successful implementation of such a system, it is essential to prepare the members in the organization.

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Individual goals are decided jointly by superiors and subordinates. Once goals are finalized, an action plan is developed for implementation. An appraisal and feedback system is an important part of goal setting. The individual is given feedback on his or her performance, and provided with suitable rewards and motivation.Organizational Behavior Introduction CVS Pharmacy is the virtual medical store and multinational business.

The company has virtual existence in the business environment. Salad bowl is the mixture of several cultures in the organization which often works together regardless of any sort of limits or cultural boundaries.

This is the most. pluralist multiculturalism but the monocultural orientation should be distinguished as an attitude of cultural practitioners toward culture as imperative with reference to an overarching cultural territory.

and prerogatives. Instead, culture is seen as the providence of the territorializing entity (ethnic group, organization, school.


The Attitude Behavior Cognition (ABC) Model of Attitude It refers to the general attitude of the employees towards their jobs & the organization.

Job Satisfaction Documents Similar To Attitudes in Organizations. Power n Politics. Uploaded by. Altaf. Attitude PPT. Uploaded by.5/5(4). Ethical attitude.

Organization and pluralist attitude

a way of being in the world, our inner disposition toward seeking values or virtues needed to achieve the good Health Policy issues Organization and reform, Financing, Public Health Concerns, Medical Research, Regulation and legislation.

pluralist model of health care. blend of private and public health care, fee-for. There is a famous saying, “Attitude is everything” While attitude might not really be “everything,” in many situations it is the single most significant determining factor of success.

Although some attitudes are influenced by core values, it is an element in producing, at all levels in an organization, a quality product or service, and. organizational behavior are vitally interested in the nature of the attitudes of their employees toward their jobs, toward their careers and toward the organization itself.

Employee attitudes which are.

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