Petrie electronics case

I think we found the best three, considering what we are able to pay. Things are getting really busy in marketing right now. Similarly, when a customer uses a coupon generated by the system, it must also be recorded, so that the customer activity records can be updated to show that the coupon has been used and is now invalid. Send promotions Data about customer activities provide information about what types of products customers tend to buy and in what quantities.

Petrie electronics case

Use these DFDs to identify the attributes of each of the six entities listed in this case plus any additional entities identified in your answer to Question 1. Write an unambiguous definition for each attribute.

Then, redraw PE Figure by placing the six and additional entities in this case on the diagram along with their associated attributes. Using your answer to Question 2, designate which attribute or attributes form the identifier for each entity type.

Explain why you chose each identifier. Using your answer to Question 3, draw the relationships between entity types needed by the system. Remember, a relationship is needed only Petrie electronics case the system wants data about associated entity instances.

Give a meaningful name to each relationship. Specify cardinalities for each relationship and explain how you decided on each minimum and maximum cardinality at each end of each relationship.

State any assumptions you made if the Petrie s Electronics cases you have read so far and the answers to questions in these cases do not provide the evidence to justify the cardinalities you choose. Redraw your final E-R diagram in Microsoft Visio.

Petrie electronics case

He had just finished his house salad and was about to go back to his office when Stephanie Welch sat down at his table. He remembered she worked for the database administrator. How are things in database land? Sanjay asked me to talk to you about the database needs for your new customer loyalty system.

She pulled it out of her oversize bag and looked at it. She started to text as she continued to talk to Jim. I can send you a very preliminary E-R diagram we have [PE Figure ], along with a description of the major entities.

She briefly looked up at Jim and smiled slightly before going back to texting. I should probably send her the entity descriptions too PE Tablejust in case. Jim stood up, carried his tray over to the recycling area of the cafeteria, and went back to his office.

When Jim got back to his office, Sanjay was waiting for him. Feb 27 BIS Week 3 Petrie's Electronics Cases Chapter Toggle menu. SEC Week 3 Course Project Petrie's Electronic Case (Devry) $ Add to Cart.

BIS Week 2 Petrie's Electronics Cases Chapter $ Add to Cart. BIS Week 5 Petrie's Electronics Cases Chapter MGMT Full Course Project Petrie's Electronics.

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MGMT Week 1 Project: Company Overview PackagePetrie's Electronics Case, Chapter 2. Assignment Help >> Business Management. Petrie's Electronics Case Questions Solutions 1. Using the guidelines from this chapter and other sources, evaluate the . Petrie's Electronics Case, Chapter 4, Questions 1, 2, and 3 1.

Look over the scope statement (PE Figure ). If you were an employee at Petrie’s Electronics, would you want to work on this project? Petrie's Electronics Case, Chapter 8, Questions 1–5. You will need to update the customer account area page and create the Order History Page using Visio or any MS Office product.

Petrie's Electronics Case Questions Solutions 1. Petrie's Electronics Case, Chapter 7, Questions 1–5 and 7 CASE: PETRIE’S ELECTRONICS Structuring Systems Requirements: Conceptual Data Modeling Jim Watanabe, manager of the “No Customer Escapes” project, and assistant director of IT for Petrie’s Electronics, was sitting in the company cafeteria.

Petrie electronics case
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