Real world writing applications using

It explains 13 patterns and practices that can help you be successful developing web apps for the cloud. For information about the e-book, see the first chapter. The result can be suboptimal performance, high expenses, or worse, because NoSQL non-relational databases can handle some tasks more efficiently than relational databases. In those situations the customer would have been better off if they had implemented the NoSQL solution before deploying the app to production.

Real world writing applications using

Where is Java used in Real World? If you are a beginner and just started learning Java, you might be thinking where exactly Java is used?

real world writing applications using

Does it have any real-world application or not? Well, you are not alone, many programmers ask this question before starting with Java, or after picking Java is one of the programming language of choice at the graduate level.

Most major companies use Java in one way or other.

real world writing applications using

Many server-side applications are written in Java to process tens of millions of requests per day, high-frequency trading applications are also written in Java e. LMAX trading applications, which is built over their path-breaking inter-thread communication library, Disruptor.

In this article, we will see more precisely, what kind of projects are done in Java, which domain or sector Java is dominating and where exactly Java is used in real-world? Real World Java Applications There are many places where Java is used in real world, starting from commercial e-commerce website to android apps, from scientific application to financial applications like electronic trading systems, from games like Minecraft to desktop applications like Eclipse, Netbeans, and IntelliJ, from an open source library to J2ME apps etc.

Couple of years back Android has provided much needed boost and today many Java programmer are Android App developer. By the way android uses different JVM and different packaging, as we have seen in our previous article about how Android app worksbut code is still written in Java.

Lots of global Investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Barclays, Standard Charted and other banks use Java for writing front and back office electronic trading system, writing settlement and confirmation systems, data processing projects and several others.

Java is mostly used to write server side application, mostly without any front end, which receives data form one server upstreamprocess it and sends it other process downstream.

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Java Swing was also popular for creating thick client GUIs for traders, but now C is quickly gaining market share on that space and Swing is out of its breath.

Even simple Servlet, JSP and Struts based web applications are quite popular on various government projects. Many of government, healthcare, insurance, education, defense and several other department have their web application built in Java. I think they are also most used desktop applications written in Java.

Though there was time when Swing was very popular to write thick client, mostly in financial service sector and Investment banks. Popular trading application like Murex, which is used in many banks for front to bank connectivity, is also written in Java.

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One of the reason of WhatsApp being so popular is because it is also available in J2ME for all those Nokia handset which is still quite big. It shows how capable the platform is, you only need KB to be able to use Java technology on a smart card or sensor. Originally Java was designed for embedded devices.

Java has potential to get major share on this growing space if Hadoop or ElasticSearch goes big. Today desktop Java and Applets is almost dead.

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Java is by default Software industries darling application development language, and given its heavy usage in financial services industry, Investment banks and E-commerce web application space, any one learning Java has bright future ahead of him.

Java 8 has only reinforced the belief that Java will continuing dominating software development space for years to come.Learn to Create Web Applications using Go No trivial single-page TODO apps here.

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Dec 03,  · 4) Software Tools Many useful software and development tools are written and developed in Java e.g. Eclipse, InetelliJ Idea and Netbans IDE. I think they are also most used desktop applications written in Java.

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