The importance of the issue of noise pollution

MPs have focused on what they believe are skewed metrics and measures of annoyance. Plea for repowering of onshore windfarms Government is being encouraged to allow widespread repowering of old windfarms that are nearing the end of their mechanical and planning life. Canal authority warns on HS2 noise The Inland Waterways Association has submitted a further petition to Government as part of its campaign to mitigate the effects of HS2 on the inland waterways.

The importance of the issue of noise pollution

Sound is a kind of wave motion which is transmitted in the form of pressure wave. Such waves are received by hearing apparatus of animals and men in the form of electrical impulses.

These electrical impulses are covered to brain which enables them to hear. Sound waves are generated in a number of ways. It has been observed that the intensity of sound waves diminishes with the increase in the distance of the objects which come in the way of waves.

Sound is a normal feature of our life. It is also a major means of communication. The intensity of sound is measured on a scale called decibel scale or db scale. It measures the loudness of sound in terms or relative units of energy or power on a logarithm scale.

The scale starts from 0 db and is considered as threshold of hearing which the human can hear. A sound of 10 db is ten times louder than 0 zero db and a sound of 20 db is 10 x 10 times louder and likewise a sound of 30 db is 10 x 10 x 10 times louder.

The importance of the issue of noise pollution

Effects of Noise Pollution: Unwanted sound is known as noise, which causes discomfort. It is also called as a wrong sound in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The definition of noise does not allow us to discriminate between pleasurable sound and noise. A given sound may be considered music by some and noise by others.

The most significant attribute to noise is its loudness. Loudness is taken as a criterion for noise pollution. Noise is a physical form of pollution. It does not persistent harm to life supporting systems.Elevating Sound | Sound, Acoustics, Noise, Audio, Soundscape, Sonic, Quiet, Silent, Tinnitus.

Your guide to sound design, noise pollution, quiet products, noisy. Marine Pollution Bulletin is concerned with the rational use of maritime and marine resources in estuaries, the seas and oceans, as well as with. Even though noise pollution is not fatal to human life, yet its importance cannot be overlooked because repeated exposure to noise reduces the sleeping hours and productivity or efficiency of a human being.

Noise pollution is an unwanted or disturbing sound which can interfere with normal activities for humans and wildlife, such as sleeping, conversation, reproduction, communication, or disrupt or . Among them, noise pollution is one of the major issues of the environment.

Traffic noise pollution is a rising problem that highly affects millions of people globally in the urban area. THEMATIC ISSUE: Noise impacts on health Environment Science for Environment Policy Reviewing the multiple impacts of noise pollution 11 A new review examines studies that have investigated noise sources, including that has little or no importance.!e sounds of cars, planes, trains, cooling systems, ventilation, machines, electronically.

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