The role of motherhood

Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children. If you are not a mother now, the creative talents you develop will prepare you for that day, in this life or the next.

The role of motherhood

The Role of the Mother Every society is made up of blocks of family units. The stronger each block is, the stronger the structure of the society. Families are thus the building blocks upon which rests the fate of society.

For the development of good families, the mother plays a vital role. Many women today have aspirations of progress in their careers, and degrees in various fields. However it is indisputable that the most important achievement of a mother is the raising of sensible, virtuous children who will then move on to build other strong blocks for society.

It has been said that it is easy to bear children but it is difficult to raise them well.

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In that lies the challenge for all mothers. Her contribution is acknowledged and appreciated. It is the right of your mother that you should appreciate that she carried you [in her womb] the way nobody carries anybody, She fed you the fruits of her heart which nobody feeds anybody.

She protected you [during pregnancy] with her ears, eyes, hands, legs, hair, limbs, [in short] with her whole being, gladly, cheerfully, and carefully; suffering patiently all the worries, pains, difficulties, and sorrows.

Till the hand of God removed you from her and brought you into this world. Then she was most happy, feeding you forgetting her own hunger, clothing you even if she herself had no clothes, giving you milk and water not caring for her own thirst, keeping you in the shade, even if she had to suffer from the heat of the sun, giving you every comfort with her own hardships; lulling you to sleep while keeping herself awake.

The foundation of the family is laid with the decision to marry, and the importance of the mother is evident in Islamic teachings beginning with marriage, conception and then child rearing. The following points illustrate how Islam sanctifies the role of the mother Emphasis on choosing a good wife Islam advocates choosing of a wife based on moral characteristics.

The Holy Prophet says: Marry into a decent family, for genes have effects. Respect in this world A mother commands great respect from her family. She is to be obeyed, and venerated. However the Holy Prophet S has enjoined goodness to the mother even before the father. A man once came for advice to him, as to who he should be good to.

The Prophet S advised him to do good to his mother again. Three times the man asked, and three times the Prophet S told him to do good to his mother.

At the fourth time, the Prophet S told him to do good to his father. This well-known story clearly illustrates the position of the mother in Islam. Jannat lies under the feet of the mothers.

A woman came to the Holy Prophet S and asked why going for Jihad was not obligatory on women. She was afraid that women were barred from achieving the great reward for those who fought and died in the way of the Almighty.

The role of motherhood

If she died during that period, her position would be that of a martyr. To raise a virtuous child is one of the greatest good deeds.

It continues to bring reward even after death. And We have enjoined man in respect of his parents - his mother bears him with faintings upon faintings, and his weaning takes two years - saying: And We have enjoined on man doing of good to his parents; with troubles did his mother bear him and with troubles did she bring him forth; and the bearing and the weaning of him was thirty months.

When Bibi Maryam, the mother of Nabi Isa a suffered the pangs of childbirth, she wished she was dead.

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She was all alone and worried about what was about to happen to her. At that time Allah consoled her and told her not to grieve. She was provided with fresh dates and water.

She was also told to fast for three days by abstaining from talk, and Allah made the baby talk to prove that he was a miraculous baby The mother is shown concern and consideration for her state. Allah does not abandon her, or reprove her by telling her that she is privileged to give birth to a Prophet.

When she was told to put her baby in the river, she was given an assurance that the baby would be returned to her.

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MOBI Motherhood addresses breastfeeding problems encountered by a small but growing number of women, such as low milk supply, insufficient glandular tissue, and tongue tie . Motherhood is a career, and those who take it up must try and excel at it. It is the duty of every mother to look into better techniques and strategies of parenting.

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"Republican Motherhood" is a 20th-century term for an attitude toward women's roles present in the emerging United States before, during, and after the American Revolution.

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The girls have all done lots of growing. I wish I could fully describe the balance between these four sisters.

Each one waking up to her own self and trying to find out where they fit in this great big world.

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