The significant roles of photosynthesis and

Role of Photosynthesis in Nature By Christine Lehman; Updated April 24, The biochemical process of photosynthesis uses energy from sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbohydrates.

The significant roles of photosynthesis and

Student Answers ik Student Photosynthesis is very important to humans and almost every single type of organism on earth. First of all if you think about it, a lot of animals that we eat, eats grass, and other plants. Without plants there wouldn't be enough animals for us to eat.

Cows would be gone meaning most of the animals on earth will starve too. Before I get into a lot of details about how important photosynthesis is let me explain what photosynthesis is. I've bet you learned it almost hundreds of time so I'll shorten this explanation.

Plants need a source of energy like we humans need food for energy they need the sun. They use the sun, carbon dioxide, and water for energy.

They absorb the sun to form hydrogen and oxygen, and as humans breathe in oxygen we pass on carbon dioxide. It's like trading our air for their air.

They suck in the carbon dioxide and you guessed it. They breath out oxygen, making it possible for us to breath again. Now back to the explanation why photosynthesis is a huge part of our lives.

Since without photosynthesis we wouldn't even be here on earth, meaning no oxygen. Without oxygen no other animals would live since there would be no plants. Most of them would suffocate in few seconds. I've read somewhere before in the past that if all of the sudden there was no oxygen the whole world would probably suffocate in 3 minutes.

Most of the people would not be ready for it, as some coincidentally sucked in air the last second giving them a little more time. There isn't much to go into detail with since it's really easy to understand once you read it. Photosynthesis is important since without it most animals would die in seconds from suffocation without oxygen.

The whole world's organism would come to an end. Basically meaning everything wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Photosynthesis.

Hope this answers your question! Thus, oxygen is released and carbon dioxide is absorbed.

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This is a vital process. And the plants are called the producers because they are the only major living things that make their own food and as we can't photosynthesize make our own food like the plants so we will have to depend upon them and so is the other animals!!!

Without photosynthesis, there will be no plants in the ecosystem. Also there will be no way to convert the carbon-dioxide generated by animals to be converted back in oxygen and carbon. The absence of plants, resulting from non-existence of the process of photosynthesis, will stat a chain of reactions that will end all animal life in the ecosystem.

Animals are not able to produce the food they need for sustaining life. Animals cannot produce from simple chemicals, complex compounds required by them to create and sustain their life. They can only produce complex compounds required by them from other complex compounds produced by plants.

In this way, animals get their food either from plants, or from the animals who live off plants. Thus without plants there will be no animals subsisting directly on food from plants.

The significant roles of photosynthesis and

And in absence of such animals there will be no animals subsisting on food obtained from other animals. Thus without photosynthesis there will be no plant or animal life on earth. Access hundreds of thousands of answers with a free trial.Photosynthesis is incredibly important in numerous ways.

Everything in an ecosystem is a part of a food web. Trees, plants, flowers, shrubs, algae, etc.


all need the sun in order to convert the. photosynthesis of plants during cold stress and play important roles in the cold tolerance of plants. The result of Western blot was consistent with the proteomics analysis and showed that the expression of Rubisco large subunit (rbcL) was significant higher in EG, compared with CG (Figure.

Sep 03,  · A significant amount of information on the role of seed photosynthesis for the synthesis of seed reserve compounds has In summary, in this review we discussed a number of studies that have enhanced our understanding of the parallel roles of photosynthesis and amino acid-derived respiratory catabolic processes in meeting the.

The significant roles of photosynthesis and

Cellular respiration and photosynthesis • Role of ATP and ADP in energy transformations • Requirements of photosynthesis including: the structure and function of chloroplasts, the main inputs and output of the light dependent and light independent stages • Requirements for aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration: the location and main.

A Monogalactosyldiacylglycerol Synthase Found in the Green Sulfur Bacterium Chlorobaculum tepidum Reveals Important Gal-containing glycerolipids also play important roles in photosynthesis in cyanobacteria and chloroplasts.

but not in other photosynthetic organisms. However, genes showing a significant similarity to mgdA were found in. Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction like any other, so we can describe it using a chemical reaction equation.

A chemical equation shows what the reaction requires on the left, followed by an arrow, and then the things that the reaction produces on the right.

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