When history will be written by

An electric evening in Grant Park when a young president-elect who looked like no other took the stage. A joyous June morning when the Supreme Court ruled that all marriage is equal.

When history will be written by

It is the 30th episode overall. Contents [ show ] Synopsis Castor and Topside force Sarah to make uneasy alliances. Even as team Leda takes a moment to breathe, change is afoot and a life hangs in the balance.

Summary Rachel wakes up When history will be written by what seems to be a luxurious bedroom, but there is nobody there. A letter she finds advises her to remove the bandage over her the socket of her ruined left eye, and she finds that she has a working artificial eye.

Art has found an industrial space that nobody is using, and Scott sets it up as a bio-containment area. Sarah and Siobhan install Kendall Malone there; she is fussing and complaining all the way, chain-smoking as always. They are concerned that none of Kendall's DNA get lost, to be collected by enemies.

Sarah remarks how Kendall doesn't look like her, and Scott explains that's how it is with chimeras, the two cell lines express differently. Siobhan is still quite hostile to Kendall, ready to kill her, and incinerate her, or dissolve her in sulphuric acid, on any chance of Kendall's DNA being lost.

Virginia Coady meets with officials in a U. Rudy is there as her guard, showing further signs of the Castor neurological problem. Coady sends Rudy to the only unprotected member of Sarah's group, Alison.

It's election day for Alison, and she is campaigning, with a campaign bus to carry supporters around. At home, Donnie gives Helena a present: Cosima meets with Shay again, but Shay is still unnerved by the visit from Delphine. She defends her "fluffing" of her dating profile, as that's just what people do, and for that matter she doesn't really know what's up with Cosima, Cosima won't share.

He still wants the Castor original, and Delphine says there's a different deal: Sarah is there with her. The last time Ferdinand was in Toronto, he and Rachel played with sex together, but Sarah uses enough of their suggestive talk together for him to realize, it wasn't Rachel that last time, it was Sarah.

Sarah offers samples from Kendall, so Topside can duplicate the Duncans' cloning work, but she wants the Castor program dead.

Sarah and Felix find the hotel where Mark and Gracie are staying, and they agree, Virginia Coady isn't interested in a cure to the Castor problem, she just wants the biological weapon they are.

Mark just wants a few months together with Gracie before he succumbs, but he and Sarah have an idea of how to stop Coady for now. At the industrial space, Kendall and Siobhan renew their hostility, over how Kendall killed John, Siobhan's husband, and Siobhan will be glad to kill Kendall.

In the Dyad medical facility, we see Rachel, bandaged and unconscious. Nealon to move her to another facility, so Ferdinand doesn't find her he thinks she's dead. After Nealon leaves, Rachel wakes, and she's not Rachel, she's Krystalthe clone from the nail salon, who has no idea where she is why she's here.

Delphine tries to understand what's gone on.

When history will be written by

Helena and Jesse are making out, when Helena gets a call on her clone phone: Rudy experiencing flashes of neurological trouble has arrived at the polling station Alison and Donnie are at, and they arrange for Rudy to follow as they drive the campaign bus to the Hendrix house.

There, Alison gets out and goes in the house, which encourages Rudy to go in through the garage door, where he finds not Alison, but Helena.

They fight; her ferocity is a match for his strength, along with his neurological problems, and she beats him to death. Sarah and Felix bring Mark to the industrial site with Kendall. They check in with Donnie, who says Rudy is in place. Mark braces himself, and Sarah repeatedly punches him in the face.

Mark with a hood obscuring his lack of a scar pretends to be Rudy, bloodied and bruised, and calls Dr. Coady, telling her he got to Helena hence the bruisesand she led him to Kendall; he turns the phone to show Kendall there. Coady a location, and says he's there.

Coady and troops arrive at the location. While the troops are away, Ferdinand comes, kills Dr. Coady's driver, and tells her she's been tricked, there's nothing here.

Nothing further is shown of her fate in this season. Sarah and Siobhan agree that the Castor program is now no longer an active enemy.

They get Kendall to explain that, years after she donated her cell lines, Ethan Duncan came to her and said Neolution had ruined the science, and corrupted his wife Susanand he was on the run, so Kendall sent him to her daughter Siobhan, the rebel who had contacts, and in return Ethan steered one clone that wasn't under "their" control to Siobhan as a foster daughter: At Dyad, Delphine has Dr."History is written by the victor" is just a lazy truism.

It's pretty much a BS truism at that. History is written by the writers. Obviously it's rather difficult to bang out a historiographical monograph if you've been wiped from the face of the earth -- but barring that multiple versions of events will survive.

The entire Bible is pretty much written by the losers of history, written from the perspective of the Hebrew slaves, the prophets, and the exiles, rather than the Pharaoh, the king, and the conquerors, respectively. Written history or recorded history started when survey, archaeology needed to be put in words.

The proto writing was followed by real writting. From writing symbols and number to linguistic writing, written history of documents has seen enormous changes. The history of writing traces the development of expressing language by letters or other marks and also the studies and descriptions of these developments.

the exact utterance written down, is a later development. It is distinguished from proto-writing, which typically avoids encoding grammatical words and affixes, making it more.

The key word in the question is "IF". " History is written by the victor " is just a truism, not a solid principle. It often simply isn't - we have almost no non-Roman accounts of the barbarian invasions of the Roman Empire, for example.

History Today editor Paul Lay chooses ten excellent history books which happen to be written by women.

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