Write a html program illustrating text formatting command

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Write a html program illustrating text formatting command

Her classes are liked and enjoyed by her students since she uses ICT for teaching. She always uses application software like word processing to prepare notes; spreadsheets; presentation software for effective presentation in her class; and interactive drawing software for drawing diagrams.

write a html program illustrating text formatting command

She had to teach the working of the heart. That day too she used a word processor to prepare the notes for the class.

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She also used presentation software and prepared a presentation for her class with a few animations and videos to be shown in the class to make her teaching more interesting.

Using a drawing and painting software she had prepared a diagram of the heart. She also had developed an interactive quiz for the assessment of students. She could access materials from internet in PDF formats and for using the same, she was looking for some software which could help her to convert the file.

While preparing she had to download some information from the internet and she saw that some of the files could not be edited since they were in PDF format.

She had to convert them into a word file to edit them. After she had finished preparing the notes for the students, she had to see that no one else would be able to make any changes in it by mistake. So she created a pdf file. After finalizing it was added to the archive of the previous files in which she had saved all the presentations of the 10th class by archiving it.

When she tried to open the file to revise it on her friend's computer she could not, since the operating system was different and had to use a file converter. She was enthusiastic of the class and her students too were, as usual, eager to attend her class. Before the class she was discussing about her preparations for the class with her colleague, Kiran.

Kiran too was using ICT in his class for effective teaching. But he warned her to be careful, and narrated an incident that had happened to him the previous day.

1 Accessing Text from the Web and from Disk

The previous day when Kiran had to start the class he found that the computer took a lot of time to open and the file he needed could not be accessed. All his preparation went in vain.

He somehow managed the class for that day. Later he was shocked to know that all his word files were converted to another type of file and he was not able to access any of the word files he had saved in his computer.

All the information and efforts put in for a long time had been lost. Kiran told her that his computer was infected by virus and that this would not have happened if he had installed an antivirus. Drushya was surprised to know that a machine could be infected by virus and worms and it needed to be protected from them.

That very day she asked Kiran for information about computer virus and the security measures she had to take. From then on Drushya is more confident and efficient in using ICT for teaching her students. Do you use word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, drawing software for your work?

Have you created a file in PDF, archived the files? You may or may not, either way there is more to it. Let us try to know about them in this unit. This unit discusses the various application software and how these software can be used for educational purpose.

This unit also introduces you to aspects of computer security like hacking, virus, spyware, antivirus, misuse and abuse, antivirus and safety procedures for using a computer.

write a html program illustrating text formatting command

Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and drawing software which we mentioned above are all application software. Application software is a computer program designed to help the user perform a specific activity.

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The word "application" is used because each program has a specific application for the user. For example, a word processor can assist the user to create notes, write a text, an article, a project paper, while a video game will not.

This contrasts with system software, which is mainly concerned with running the computer. Applications may be bundled with the computer and its system software or published separately.

They may be proprietary or open-source. Depending on the activity for which it is developed, an application can manipulate text, numbers, graphics, or a combination of these elements.

Some application packages focus, on a single task, like word processing; whileintegrated softwareinclude several applications.3 Processing Raw Text. The most important source of texts is undoubtedly the Web. It's convenient to have existing text collections to explore, such as the corpora we saw in the previous chapters.

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