Writing a jofoc samples

A database managed by the Small Business Administration that contains information on oversmall businesses. PASS must be queried and reviewed by agency personnel to locate potential contractors.

Writing a jofoc samples

May 26, 3: There is a company that burned me so badly that I have turned down jobs at agencies because the company was already there. They were the worst company ever, completely inept, but they continue to win contracts. So YOU have to figure out if the company has a bad track record.

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Think about what will happen during the acquisition process. You will ask the company to submit several references for their work. You will generate a form and send it to the Contracting Officer COs at those agencies. Those COs will send it back to you telling you the dates of work and that they did a fine job.

This endlessly happens because companies are only going to give you references in which they are certain that they will get a glowing recommendation. I have personally followed up on tons of company references and I have never found one that the company gave me that had anything negative to say.

The problem is twofold. If there is any negative information, even if it is true and accurate, the contractor will tell the CO that it is not acceptable and force the latter to change it. The solution to this problem is easy. Let the COs write whatever they want, and separately, let the companies write whatever they want.

If a CO sees it one way and the company sees it differently, both can stand on their own and COs on future engagements can make up their own minds about the risk posed by a potential offeror.

The other big issues concerning past performance is what I would call a very unethical action. I have seen it happen on my project. In the scenario of a clearly under-performing contractor, the government just wants to cut our losses and move on.

But remember, in contracts, everything can be negotiated. I saw a CO negotiate with a contractor for positive performance review after two stop-work orders had been issued and we were not renewing the options in a contract because they were so unbelievably terrible.

In this situation the government provided the good performance information in exchange for the contractor delivering all data and documentation and a commitment to not sue us afterward.

I was ashamed to be a Fed that day.

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Every conceivable spelling, abbreviation and nuance in the name is in there. As such, if you want to find performance information about them or any other company, good luck finding which one.

In order to fix past performance we need to: Each entity should be in there one and only one time. Require COs to input their past performance information and for the contractor to input their past performance information in a blind manner, and accept that they will sometimes tell different stories.

Provide a bounty for contractors who identify COs who try to do this.

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Give a Lot of Detail Too frequently we hold information back from the solicitation. We might know a lot about what we want to build or buy, but we only post a work statement. My eyes start to bleed when I read work statements.

They are dense and abstract. One of the best solicitations I developed had a ton of detail.Download a free Integrated Master Schedule Template | Page 2 to make your document professional and perfect.

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writing a jofoc samples

JA WI–PON 04 Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition (JOFOC) Preparation and Approval JA WI–PON 07 Restricted Access to COAD and AMS Data via EZReport JA WI–PON 08 Preparation and Routing of Purchase Requests NOTE: Should any referenced document conflict with provisions of the FAR or NASA FAR ISO - Ames Research.

The same respondent believed that “all we need to do is write a line of code or a few lines of code into the existing contracting database that removes all of the proprietary information and allows the user to download or print a stripped version of it.”. Attendees may submit questions in writing on the forms provided at the registration desk or via Examples of How to Gain Unwanted Attention from JSC Safety.

NASA Johnson Space Center Small Business Roundtable - To the Moon, Mars and Beyond. 3. Office of Small Business Programs. A justification for other than full and open competition (JOFOC) must be prepared if the government cannot allow or obtain full or open competition for an acquisition.

The JOFOC should explain in detail why it is impossible or impracticable to obtain full and open competition for the acquisition. A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers.

The goal is to distribute service spatially relative to end-users to provide high availability and high performance.

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